Feeling Better

I scanned the headlines today in the Washington Post and felt like crying. Bad news everywhere: war in the Gaza Strip, Ford and GM revenues down more than 30%, $50B Ponzi schemes allowed to run amok by the very regulators who are supposed to be protecting us, and on and on.

Then I came across this quote by one of my favorite people, His Holiness, the Dalai Lama:

“Choose to be optimistic. It feels better.”

I realized that there is little or nothing I can do about the many national and global crises we seem to be facing lately, but I can certainly do something about my own attitude. Rather than focusing on the negative and getting more and more depressed, I can focus on what I truly believe in: the inherent goodness and resiliency of people everywhere.

No matter what trials and tribulations we may be facing currently, I heartily believe that we can and will get through this.

I choose optimism because it does feel better.

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