Buy Fair Trade: It Makes a Difference!

Punam’s parents were ill and could no longer care for her or themselves in the New Delhi neighborhood in which they lived. Punam was introduced to a family-owned artisan cooperative where she learned the art of the beading to make jewelry and sewing handbags from recycled saris. Artisan cooperatives, usually owned and run by women, helped Punam escape from the abject poverty that is so often the fate of women in India. Through her work at cooperative, Punam was able to learn a skill while also earning an equitable wage in a safe working environment.

Punam’s is just one of many families whose lives have been transformed by the growing number of companies that support and promote Fair Trade.

Fair Trade means an equitable and fair partnership between artisans in developing countries and the importers who buy their handicrafts. At Mindful Hands, we work with organizations that adhere to the principles of the Fair Trade Federation:

  • – providing a fair wage in the local context
  • – engaging in environmentally sustainable production practices
  • – providing healthy and safe working conditions
  • – providing financial assistance as need be

To learn more about the Fair Trade movement, check out these resources:

The Fair Trade Resource Network (

The Fair Trade Federation (

DC Make Trade Fair, a local grassroots organization (

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