Greening the Family

You’re already reducing, re-using, and recycling. You’re bringing your own reusable bag to the organic market, you’ve replaced all your ordinary lightbulbs with compact fluorescents, and you’ve even started composting. So now what? Well, how about taking the burden of “going green” off your own shoulders and getting the whole family involved?

Here’s a few simple suggestions for making the green revolution fun for the whole family:

(1) Toy recycling night. Have your kids go through their toys and games, considering what they want to keep and what they no longer play with. For every toy no longer wanted, have them consider if it can reused (by being given to someone else), recycled (toys with wooden or plastic parts), or reduced (thrown away). Assign 2 points for every reused or recycled toy, 1 point for everyone reduced. Decide ahead of time a realistic points total for your family and the treat that will be rewarded when the total is reached (such as family fun hike at a nature reserve or park).

(2) Plant a tree. Research trees that are native to your area and have the family go along to the nursery to pick one out. You can have fun planting the tree in your yard while enjoying a backyard picnic.

(3) Organize a community clean-up day. Have your kids and their friends make posters to put up around the neighborhood. Enlist other families to help clean up streets, sidewalks, and curbs. Enjoy a community potluck lunch after the work is done!

For more ideas for family fun while going green, check out these websites:

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