The Sad Realities of Kitten Season

“Kitten season” is upon us once again, This annual ritual starts in late spring and usually runs through early fall. What is kitten season, you ask? Kitten season is the time of year when millions of homeless kittens will be born in the streets, parking lots, highway rest areas, and woods all across America. They will largely die – killed by starvation, cars, or predators – before they reach six months old. The lucky ones will end up in shelters, only to be euthanized two or three weeks later when no homes are found for them.

Here are three things you can do to help:

(1) spay or neuter your pets
(2) spay or neuter your pets
(3) spay or neuter your pets

And if you’re looking for a new companion, please consider adopting a homeless dog or cat from your local shelter.

At Mindful Hands, we work with a local no-kill shelter, King Street Cats, to help find homes for the many pregnant cats and their kittens that end up in the shelter’s care each spring.

We will be hosting a series of adopt-a-thons for the King Street Cats (KSC) at Mindful Hands’ store location at 211 King Street in Old Town Alexandria. The next adopt-a-thons will take place on Saturdays August 8 and August 22 from noon to 4:00pm each day. The King Street Cats currently have sixty kittens looking for loving homes. Won’t you be a friend indeed to a kitten in need?

For more information:

“Coping with Kitten Season,” The Humane Society of the United States

The King Street Cats

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