The Ten Virtues of Incense

Lighting a stick or two of incense in the evenings is an easy way to relax and refresh yourself after a hard day’s work. Some of you incense afficianados may already be familiar with these “virtues of incense.” However for those of you who aren’t, I thought our version – updated for a contemporary audience – might be of interest. Enjoy!

The Ten Virtues Of Incense

  • heightens your awareness
  • refreshes mind and body
  • purifies the environment
  • increases alertness
  • is a companion in solitude
  • used everyday, it harms no one
  • does not change with age
  • when it is plentiful, one never tires of it
  • when there is little, it is still enough
  • brings a moment of peace amidst a weary world

These virtues were originally compiled in the 16th century. We’ve slightly updated them for contemporary times but they remain as true today as they were then.

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