Welcome to August!

When it comes to mosquitoes,

the best defense is a good offense

August in DC means heat, humidity, and …..mosquitoes! It’s been said that the best defense is a good offense, so we thought we would share with you some tips from our friends at the National Wildlife Federation on what works and what doesn’t for reducing the mosquito threat in your yard.

What works:

  • eliminating all possible places for standing water, including gutters and yes, even bottle caps!
  • chemical repellents that contain DEET
  • natural repellents that contain lemon eucalyptus

 What doesn’t work:
  • ultrsonic repellents, zappers, & traps

You can read the full list from the National Wildlife Federation here.
Mosquitoes just adore me so I tend to really suffer in the summertime. And I don’t like to use chemical sprays on me or the yard, so I really suffer in the summer.

There are three things I’ve found to be truly effective in repelling those pesky miniature vampires: cigars, incense, and these all-natural citronella & eucalyptus candles!
You might not want to use cigars or incense if you’re having a backyard barbecue, but I highly recommend trying these candles. They are all natural soy wax candles made entirely with pure essential oils. The liquid wax can be applied directly to the skin for added bug protection. No synthetics, no chemicals, no bugs!
Come get your summer supply of these “all-natural, hand-poured, made in the USA” candles at Mindful Hands in Old Town Alexandria.

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