The Therapeutic Effects of Kaleidoscopes

I’ve always loved kaleidoscopes and found, even as an adult, that gazing at the wonderfully colorful and ever-changing world inside the scope had a soothing and calming influence on me.  Well, apparently, I’m not the only one who feels that way.  Dr. Clifford Kuhn, of the University of Kentucky, has this to say about kaleidoscopes:

Kaleidoscope viewing…. is restorative to the body in that it requires physical stillness and stimulates pleasant visual sensations. At the same time it has a beneficial effect on the mind by presenting an endless variety of form and color combinations that stir the imagination and stimulate the intellect.

Read the full scoop on kaleidoscope therapy on the Handcrafted Alexandria* blog, then enjoy a full month of kaleidoscope celebrations at our sister Handcrafted shop, Arts Afire.

*Mindful Hands is a proud member of Handcrafted Alexandria

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