18 Birthdays

A big THANK YOU to our new hometown of Staunton, VA for welcoming us with open arms and making us feel like a vital part of a vibrant community! As most of you know, we moved from Old Town Alexandria to Staunton’s historic downtown last year. It’s been a wild ride but we’ve loved every minute of it and are so proud and grateful to call Staunton home!
If you’re not lucky enough to live here, I highly recommend a visit. Check out VisitStaunton.com to see all that Staunton has to offer, including the American Shakespeare Center, Heifetz International Music Festival, Staunton Music Festival, Staunton Augusta Art Center, and many other arts and culture organizations, events, and activities. Staunton may have a small town feel but is definitely big on culture!
Harmony Moon celebrated our first year in Staunton (and 18 years all together) last week with a birthday party and mini-green fest. Check out these green businesses who participated:
We could not have survived 18 years without our loyal customers, old and new. Thank you for your patronage and support!

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